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Why, hello.

I’m Belgian-born and based in Bristol. My itchy feet have taken me around the world and my geeky obsession with wildlife takes me outside on most days. I’m a Nikon, and focus on wildlife, nature and travel. I speak 5 languages, love a good challenge and I’m not afraid to take risks.

My past.

Accounting assistant. BSc in biology from Imperial College. Radio tracking bears in Ecuador. Surveying birds in Guyana. Travelling round the world. Taught in Japan. MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging. Volunteered at Wildscreen and Jackson Hole Film Festival, work exprience at Nature Picture Library and BBC Wildlife. Currently researcher at the BBC Natural History Unit.

In a nutshell.

My photography.

I know that not everyone cares about nature as much as some of us. So I am constantly trying to create something that will captivate and elicit emotion from even the most lethargic city dweller.

I’m a perfectionist who hesitates to put anything on show that I personally am not convinced by.

I am currently focusing on developing my perception and understanding of natural light and the way we, and the camera, see it.